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Video Transcript

Liposuction is a removal of fat from a patient through small incisions that allows me to contour a patient's body without major surgery. A good candidate for liposuction surgery would be a patient that has excess fat but without a lot of excess skin. Most often there is very little pain or discomfort with liposuction surgery. Patients can return back to normal activities in two to three days while wearing compressions garments to aid in their recovery.A patient wants to make sure that they go to a board certified plastic surgeon who's skilled in liposuction. They also want to inquire about the different types of liposuction and which one they'll be getting, and if liposuction is right for them versus some sort of more in depth surgical procedure. Liposuction allows me to help patients fix their problem areas. Areas that may have been working on in the gym for years and have not been able to get rid of. With a quick procedure and minimal down time they're able to look better, feel better, and get back to normal living.