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Video Transcript

A mommy makeover, is a combination of a breast augmentation with a breast lift. As well as a tummy tuck, and possible liposuction to problem areas. This is often used in women who have had their children, their breasts have deflated, they have extra skin around their tummy. As well as a looseness of the muscle. 

Secondary to the children, a liposuction procedure can be added to a mommy makeover to help me contour the finished product. And to really achieve the maximum results. A good candidate for a mommy makeover is any woman who has had children and notices a deflation of their breasts. As well as a looseness of the tummy and excess skin and fat. 

Typically, a mommy makeover will take about three hours in our operating suite. The patient will stay over night with a one to one nursing care. And we'll discharge the next morning. The recovery for a mommy makeover is approximately seven to 10 days. 

After that time, the patient will slowly get back to normal activities, and be able to return to work, and slowly return to physical activity. After I perform a mommy makeover, my patients can expect to return to the body they had before having children.