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Procedure Details

This Long Island woman in her early 20's, a recent college graduate, who came in to our office in Huntington, New York because she was self-conscious that her breasts appeared “pinched and droopy.”  She was also interested in increasing her breast size to a “small C.” Examination with Dr. Romanelli showed that most of her breast tissue was within and behind her areola, which were a bit large for her overall breast size.  The medical term for this shape is “constricted breasts” or “tuberous breasts.”  On a practical basis, though, her breasts were just pinched and droopy.  At surgery, an incision around her areola, lifting the breasts and placing the implant in through that incision.  The implants gave her fullness, and along with the lift reshaped her breasts. Surgery was performed in our ambulatory surgical suite in less than one hour and after an additional hour in our recovery suite (with a private nurse by her side).  She had a quick recovery, and was back at work in 2 days, and loves being able to wear bathing suits, and especially filling out a bra without lots of padding


Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery

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