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For this Long Island woman, gastric bypass surgery helped her lose more than one hundred and twenty pounds.   But that massive weight loss left her breasts sagging, so she came in to see us for a breast lift.  Her weight was stable for more than a year, and her discipline with exercise had toned her body beautifully. What she didn't like was the shape of her breasts.  Examination showed that she had a great deal of extra skin, and that the right breast was larger and lower than the left.  No chest muscle exercise could improve the position of her breasts, since the skin was irreversibly stretched out. A full mastopexy (breast lift) was recommended to best improve her shape.  The incisions of her full breast lift are "anchor" shaped, going around the areola, then down to the fold, and back and forth beneath the fold of the breast.  The nipple and areola are NOT removed from the breast, they remain attached to the breast tissue. Her breast lift surgery at our ambulatory surgical center took 2 1/2 hours, during which time we lifted both breasts and did a slight breast reduction on the right side, so that it would match the left. Photographs are 7 months post surgery, her scars are fading nicely.  They will improve for about 2 years.  We couldn't be happier for her.


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