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Breast Reduction and Insurance: Making Sure You Get Covered

What Will My Breast Revision Incisions And Scars Look Like?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/05/2020

If you are not happy with the outcome of your breast augmentation, breast revision surgery can likely help. Learn more about what to expect here.


Should I Have A Breast Reduction Before Or After Pregnancy?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/04/2020

Breast reduction surgery can be life-changing for women with overly large or heavy breasts, but it is important to time your surgery appropriately.


When Can I Have Sex Again After Breast Augmentation?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 07/30/2020

Get all the facts about breast augmentation recovery, including when it is safe to resume sexual activity and why it is important that you wait.


Five FAQs About Breast Reconstruction Revision After Breast Cancer

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 07/29/2020

If you’re facing mastectomy for breast cancer, discover your options for restoring a natural, feminine look with breast reconstruction surgery.


My Breasts Have Grown After Breast Reduction. What Do I Do?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 07/22/2020

Learn all there is to know about breast reduction surgery, including how long the results may last and what your options are if your breasts grow.


Am I A Candidate For Breast Implant Removal?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 07/21/2020

Learn more about the potential reasons you may need to have your breast implants removed or replaced at some point in the future.


Eight Reasons You May Want To Consider Breast Revision

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 07/15/2020

Breast revision surgery is necessary for a variety of things, including ruptured breast implants or breast asymmetry.


I Want To Go From B to C Cup. How Many CCs Will I Need?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 07/14/2020

When considering what implant size to get, you will have to understand all the factors that go into choosing your implants.


Mommy Makeover Checklist: What You'll Need Before Surgery

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 07/08/2020

Understanding how to be prepared for plastic surgery allows you to experience the best possible results.


When is Breast Implant Removal Medically Necessary?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 07/07/2020

Sometimes, after receiving breast augmentation, a woman develops breast implant illness that requires breast implant removal.


What Would Disqualify You From Breast Revision Surgery?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 06/25/2020

Although breast augmentation is widely successful, a revision may provide you with better outcomes. Discover the benefits of breast implant revision.


How Many Cup Sizes Can You Lose With Breast Reduction?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 06/24/2020

When large or heavy breasts get in the way of your daily activities, you can schedule breast reduction surgery and get a more comfortable cup size.


What Causes Rippling In Breast Implants And How To Prevent It

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 06/18/2020

Find out why some women experience breast implant rippling, and learn whether or not there is anything you can do to prevent it from happening to you.


Learn The Facts About A Mommy Makeover With Breast Implants

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 06/17/2020

Are you considering a mommy makeover with breast augmentation to restore your pre-pregnancy body or simply enhance you look? Learn more here!


Five Tips To Prevent Sagging Breast Implants

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 06/11/2020

Are you concerned about drooping or sagging breast implants? Learn how to achieve natural-looking breast implants with these tips from our clinic.


How Does Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer Work?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 06/10/2020

Breast reconstruction surgery can restore your breasts following a lumpectomy or mastectomy. Learn how this surgery can meet your aesthetic goals.


What Can I Expect Before And After Breast Reduction Surgery?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 06/04/2020

Make sure you are prepared for your breast reduction surgery by knowing what to expect before the procedure, during the recovery period, and beyond.


Will I Get Perkier Breasts With Breast Augmentation?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 06/03/2020

Are you embarrassed by your sagging, deflated breasts and looking for a way to feel more feminine? Find out what breast augmentation can do for you!


Can You Downsize Breast Implants After Surgery?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 05/26/2020

If you are unhappy with the size of your new breasts and would prefer smaller implants, find out how and when you may be able to have them replaced.


How Long Can Breast Implants Last?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 05/25/2020

Are you considering enhancing your figure with breast augmentation? Learn what kind of results you can expect and how long your implants may last.


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