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Breast Reduction and Insurance: Making Sure You Get Covered

From Expanders to Implants: Breast Reconstruction Explained

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/27/2019

Breast reconstruction surgery is an integral part of the process of restoring a woman’s body image after a mastectomy or lumpectomy.


Must I Wait Until I’m A Mom to Benefit from A Mommy Makeover?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/24/2019

You don’t have to be a mom to enjoy a mommy makeover. See what this combination of targeted cosmetic procedures can do for you.


Pregnancy Impacted My Augmentation Results. How Can This Be Corrected?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/20/2019

Pregnancy can affect your breast augmentation results. Women have options and follow up help is possible with the right plastic surgeon.


Implants vs. Fat Transfer: What Are Your Breast Reconstruction Options

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/17/2019

Restoring a woman’s body image is an important task. Here are two solutions when it comes to breast augmentation and what they each accomplish.


What Is The Difference Between A Breast Reduction And A Breast Lift?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/11/2019

Find out how a breast reduction, breast lift – or both – can help you achieve the upper body contour you’ve always wanted.


What To Look For In a Long Island Plastic Surgeon For a Mommy Makeover

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/10/2019

Not all moms are created equal, and not all plastic surgeons are created equal either! Learn what questions to ask before undergoing a mommy makeover.


How to Adjust to Your Small Bust Following Breast Reduction Surgery

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/07/2019

Don’t let big breasts prevent you from living your best life. Dramatic physical and emotional improvements are possible with this popular procedure.


I Had Breast Augmentation But Feel My Implants Are Too Big. What Are My Options?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/04/2019

When your implants are larger than you’d prefer, breast revision surgery can provide Long Island patients with a more proportionate bust line.


I Am Very Active. What Are My Options When it Comes to Breast Augmentation?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/30/2019

If you’re pondering the possibility of breast implants, know that augmentation doesn’t have to impact your activity level.


I've lost weight and want fuller breasts. Breast augmentation or a breast lift?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/27/2019

Understand the difference between these two procedures so you can make an informed decision about your breast enhancement.


Do Your Cups Runneth Over? How Breast Reduction (and a lift!) Can Help

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/23/2019

When paired together, these procedures can help Long Island women look and feel their best.


Four Reasons Long Island Women Are Considering Breast Reduction

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/20/2019

Tired of constant physical pain from your breasts? Learn how this surgery can truly change your life.


Is Bigger Better? Five Myths About Breast Augmentation Solved

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/16/2019

Understand what is true and false before making the decision to undergo this popular transformative cosmetic surgery procedure.


What Types of Implants Are Used for Breast Reconstruction Revision Surgery?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/13/2019

When selecting implants for your revision surgery, it helps Long Island patients to know what options are available.


Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift. What's the Difference? Can I Do Both?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/08/2019

This common duo can give you the results you want for beautiful, firmer, and shapelier breasts.


5 Questions to Ask Long Island Plastic Surgeons About Breast Augmentation

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/05/2019

There are several things to consider when undergoing breast augmentation so you can make the right decision and be prepared.


Can I Have Breast Revision Reconstruction and Go Bigger?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 07/30/2019

Are you considering larger implants? Learn whether it’s possible to increase your bust line following breast reconstruction surgery.


Is Weight Loss Required for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 07/24/2019

Learn more about this transformative surgery and how you can prepare ahead of time to help ensure successful results.


Who is NOT A Good Candidate for Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 07/19/2019

Breast augmentation isn’t for everyone. The experts weigh in about when this surgery may not be beneficial.


Recovering From Breast Augmentation Surgery: A Guide to Getting The Best Results

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 07/16/2019

Follow this helpful guide to achieve a smooth, speedy recovery from breast augmentation surgery.


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