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Breast Reduction and Insurance: Making Sure You Get Covered

Can You Downsize Breast Implants After Surgery?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 05/26/2020

If you are unhappy with the size of your new breasts and would prefer smaller implants, find out how and when you may be able to have them replaced.


How Long Can Breast Implants Last?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 05/25/2020

Are you considering enhancing your figure with breast augmentation? Learn what kind of results you can expect and how long your implants may last.


What Are The Most Common Reasons for Breast Reduction?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 05/19/2020

In some cases, bigger isn't always better. Understand why some women are choosing to have breast reduction surgery and how this procedure can help.


Seven Questions From Patients About Breast Augmentation

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 05/18/2020

Learn more about breast augmentation surgery by getting answers to common questions asked by patients when planning for this life-changing procedure.


Four Plastic Surgery Procedures That Pair With Breast Augmentation

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 05/12/2020

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you may benefit from having another one of these exciting procedures performed at the same time.


Does Nipple Sensation Come Back After Breast Augmentation?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 05/11/2020

Numbness can be normal after undergoing a breast augmentation, but it is usually only temporary. Find out how long you can expect it to last here.


What Causes Breast Implants To Bottom Out?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 05/05/2020

Have you heard of breast implants bottoming out? It’s not common, but it can happen! Find out why, and learn what your options are if it does occur.


Six Reasons To Choose Small Breast Implants

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 05/04/2020

Is bigger always better? Discover some of the advantages and benefits of selecting smaller implants for your upcoming breast augmentation.


How To Best Care For Breast Augmentation Incisions

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 04/28/2020

Some scarring after breast augmentation is unavoidable. Learn what you can do to minimize the visibility and improve the appearance of your scars.


Can Breast Implants Look Natural?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 04/27/2020

Are you desperate to enhance the size, shape, and position of your breasts but worry that implants will look too fake? Learn about your options here!


When Should You Get Your Breast Implants Replaced?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 04/21/2020

While breast implants don’t typically expire, they aren’t guaranteed to last a lifetime. Typically, they last from 10 to 20 years in Long Island, NY.


Tips to Sleep Correctly After Breast Augmentation

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 04/20/2020

Following recovery instructions closely after breast augmentation in Long Island, NY will lead to optimal results.


Will Breastfeeding Affect My Breast Implants?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 04/14/2020

Get all the facts about breastfeeding with implants, including whether it’s possible, how it may feel, and what your breasts may look like after!


How Soon Can I Get Pregnant After Breast Augmentation?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 04/13/2020

If you have had a breast augmentation and are considering children in the future, learn how pregnancy may impact your breast implants and vice-versa.


Six FAQs About Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 04/07/2020

If you are facing a mastectomy or lumpectomy for breast cancer, a breast reconstruction procedure can help you feel whole again. Learn more here.


When Is It Safe To Exercise After A Breast Reduction?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 04/06/2020

Find out how long you will need to wait to resume or begin an exercise routine after having a breast reduction, and how the procedure can help you.


Evaluating The Pros and Cons of Breast Implants

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 03/26/2020

Are you going back and forth about having breast augmentation? Sort through the good, the bad, and the beautiful when it comes to breast implants.


Where Are The Incisions Placed For A Breast Lift?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 03/25/2020

Discover how a breast lift can give you a perkier, younger-looking contour, and find out what incisions are required and what scars you can expect.


When Can I Start Working Out After Breast Augmentation?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 03/17/2020

When can I start working out after breast augmentation? Learn more about the breast augmentation recovery process by reaching out to our facility.


What Happens If I Get Pregnant After A Tummy Tuck?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 03/11/2020

Life doesn’t always go according to plan! Find out whether or not getting pregnant after a tummy tuck is safe and how it may impact your results.


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