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Breast Reduction and Insurance: Making Sure You Get Covered

Seven Symptoms of Breast Implant Illness

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 10/28/2020

Understanding the safety of breast implants and signs of breast implant illness are important.


Will Nipple Sensation Change After Breast Revision Surgery?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 10/27/2020

After a breast revision or breast implant reduction, some patients experience complications, such as nipple sensation changes.


Could Your Breasts Be The Cause of Your Back Pain?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 10/21/2020

Breast reduction surgery for back pain is a common procedure for women with large, heavy breasts. Read on to learn about this transformative surgery.


Should You Get Breast Implants Before or After Pregnancy?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 10/20/2020

Learn more about breast augmentation timing and if waiting until after having children is the right choice to preserve your results.


Can Having a Baby After Mommy Makeover Surgery Ruin Your Results?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 10/14/2020

Understanding what can affect your mommy makeover results is important when considering surgery.


Common Side Effects of Breast Implant Removal Surgery

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 10/13/2020

Much like any plastic surgery, there is a risk of side effects after breast implant removal.


Downsize Your Breast Implants With Breast Revision Surgery

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 10/07/2020

Breast revision surgery helps patients to reduce their breast implant size and achieve their dream results.


Learn Eight Common Causes of Breast Sagging

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 10/06/2020

Discover why women struggle with saggy breast issues and why looking to breast lift or breast augmentation surgery may be the right cosmetic solution.


Learn About Your Options For Breast Implant Size and Shape

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/24/2020

During a breast augmentation consultation, you learn about breast implant sizes and shapes.


Can Breast Reduction Surgery Remove Stretch Marks?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/23/2020

Breast reduction surgery not only reduces breast size but can also hide unsightly stretch marks.


Should You Get a Breast Lift After Rapid Weight Loss?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/17/2020

Have your breasts changed since losing a significant amount of weight? Learn how breast lift can help, and find out when to start considering it.


When Can You Sleep On Your Breasts After A Mommy Makeover?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/16/2020

Anxious to get back to your normal habits, including sleeping on your stomach? Find out when you can safely lie on your breasts after mommy makeover.


What To Expect After Breast Implant Removal

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/10/2020

If you’re facing breast implant removal, you probably have questions about what to expect after surgery. Find out everything you need to know here.


What Is The Goal Of Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/09/2020

Life may change after mastectomy for breast cancer, but breast reconstruction can restore a more natural figure and help you feel complete again.


How to Know When Breast Reduction is Medically Necessary

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/03/2020

When your breast size is affecting your health, it may be necessary to have breast reduction surgery.


What Does it Mean When Breast Implants Harden?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 09/02/2020

After getting breast implants, it’s important to understand possible complications associated with surgery.


Common Questions Answered About Breast Implant Removal

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/26/2020

How long do breast implants last, and what will you look like after surgery? Read our most commonly asked questions about breast implant removal.


How Long Is Recovery After Breast Reconstruction Surgery?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/25/2020

Breast reconstruction uses plastic surgery techniques to restore breast size and appearance. Learn what to expect from breast reconstruction recovery.


Is 17 Too Young For Breast Reduction Surgery?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/19/2020

When breasts are large and affecting their health, a teenage girl may want to have breast reduction surgery.


What Happens If You Exercise Too Soon After Breast Augmentation?

Dr. James N. Romanelli | 08/18/2020

After breast augmentation, it’s important to follow all post-op instructions closely for the best results.


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