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10 Facts About Hair Transplant Surgery Using FUE

Are you noticing lately your hair is looking thinner? Is your hairline receding and you are concerned on what you can do about it? Hair loss and hair thinning are two common issues for individuals in the Long Island area. Finding it hard to accept you are losing your hair? You are not alone with men and even some women who struggle with this problem but there is an answer. With today’s medical advances in hair restoration, transplant procedures are easier, more natural-looking and precisely what individuals need to get their hair and self-confidence back!

The board-certified plastic surgeons at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery are excited to offer hair transplant solutions to their patients in Long Island. They utilize the latest technology in hair restoration with the FUE technique or Follicular Unit Extraction to harvest and then transplant hair follicles to target areas where hair is balding or thinning. Let’s take a look at the FUE technique and the 10 facts you need to know so your hair loss can be restored.

How FUE works

Follicular Unit Extraction, also known as FUE, is a new innovation in hair transplant surgery that has transformed how men and some women restore their hair loss. This minimally invasive procedure creates micro-small hole punches in the back or side of the scalp to remove donor hair to be transplanted in the target areas. The removed follicular units are usually in groups of 1 to 4 hairs and are placed in the target area to transform it into a thicker, fuller look for patients or give them a whole, new hairline!

The top 10 facts to know about FUE:

1) It’s the most popular hair transplant surgery

FUE is the most popular hair transplant procedure done today due to the precise and natural-looking results it can provide. It is also more minimally invasive compared to methods of the past. More and more hair transplant surgeons throughout Long Island, as well as their patients, are choosing this hair transplant surgery because of the benefits it offers patients.

2) Longer procedure time

The FUE technique does take a longer surgical time in order to get such precise and natural-looking results. An added benefit is the donor area has little to no visible signs once the follicular units are removed which is an added bonus to patients. The meticulous extraction allows the surgeon to place each follicular unit in the target area to mimic a patient’s natural growth pattern leaving amazing results. Patients say it is worth every minute spent during the FUE procedure.

3) No scars

One of the other excellent benefits of FUE is that no scars are left behind. The tiny incisions are microscopic in size, leaving only the post-op issue of tiny scabs in the target area which will heal in about 7-10 days. The donor area is also unnoticeable after just a few days with no visible signs of the FUE procedure.

4) No general anesthesia

The FUE procedure is done with a local numbing agent so patients can forgo going under general anesthesia with this hair restoration surgery. Patients will remain awake and can experience a rather seamless and low risk procedure especially when done by a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon.

5) Surgeon skill and experience matters

The FUE technique is a straightforward procedure with little to no risk, but it does matter who performs the procedure. A qualified, experienced hair transplant expert like the Long Island area plastic surgeons at Romanelli Plastic Surgery can give patients the end results they need. This hair restoration surgery takes a keen eye that can creatively and strategically place each follicular unit in a patient’s target area to create a natural-looking appearance. Emulating a patient’s natural growth pattern, in the balding or thinning areas, gives a fuller appearance and natural hairline to patient’s giving them the best hair restoration results.

6) Minimal pain

The FUE procedure can be compared to any minor surgery. There is little pain associated with this hair transplant surgery. It looks “more painful” in post-op pictures than it actually is during the procedure. Afterwards, patients may experience some discomfort or inflammation, but symptoms can be handled with over the counter pain medication or a prescription from your plastic surgeon.

7) Hair loss post-surgery is normal

Hair growth is a steady process even with hair restoration, so patients won’t see full results in their target areas for about 3-4 months. During that period, your new hair will fall out. Don’t panic! This is a normal part of the FUE restoration process. This is also a good sign as it means your new hair is pushing out the transplanted hair so it has done its job of stimulating new growth!

8) The “cover-up” period

If you don’t want to let anyone in on your hair restoration journey, then you will need to be prepared for about a 2 week waiting period. Your head will be swollen post-surgery and your donor area will need a bandage over it to heal for a few days. Once the swelling goes down and your donor area has healed then you can wear a hat to conceal what is growing underneath until you are ready to reveal the new you!

9) Easy recovery

As with any cosmetic surgery or procedure, the more you can rest and let your body heal the better off your recovery will be. FUE is a generally low risk surgery that yields amazing results but giving yourself enough downtime from work or normal daily activities will only help. If you need to return to work sooner rather than later then it is recommended to take at least 3-5 days off of work.

10) Will my FUE results last?

The best part about this amazing new hair transplant procedure is your results will last! The transplanted hair is donor hair that is generally resistant to a balding or thinning predisposition so it will only stimulate new growth in target areas. Patients may experience balding or thinning hair in other areas, especially with age, so another FUE procedure may be needed to help that new issue.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is the innovative new way to restore hair in problem areas so patients can feel younger and more confident again. The experienced plastic surgeons at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery located in Huntington, NY offer this excellent, natural-looking technique to both men and women in the Long Island area. Our doctors are clinical experts on hair restoration and are excited to be able to offer this advanced hair rejuvenation technology so you can feel better about how you look! If you are interested in FUE and looking to get rid of your hair loss or thinning issue, then call or schedule your consultation with Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery today!

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