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How Soon Can I Get Pregnant After Breast Augmentation?

When you make the decision to undergo breast augmentation, you will likely have a million different – and exciting - thoughts running through your head. Feelings of anticipation and questions about recovery are common in the weeks or months leading up to your surgery. You may even begin to imagine the new styles of clothing you’ll be able to wear! For many women, the potential impact a future pregnancy may have on their breast implants is also an important consideration. The caring and compassionate team at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, led by board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. James N. Romanelli and Dr. John Layliev, understands the personal nature of choosing to undergo a breast augmentation and is committed to helping Long Island, NY patients ensure the procedure best fits the needs of their lifestyle.   

Will breast implants affect my ability to get pregnant? 

Having breast implants placed does not affect a woman’s natural ability to get pregnant. However, getting pregnant will indeed impact a woman’s timeline for getting breast implants! For patients who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, they should expect to wait at least 6 – 12 months after giving birth and the conclusion of breastfeeding to pursue breast augmentation. This will allow the body adequate time to heal and recover from all of the physical changes associated with pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding. Furthermore, it will give the patient a chance to get used to her body again so that she may make a more confident decision regarding the size, shape, and other characteristics of her implants. 

When is it safe to get pregnant after getting breast implants? 

The vast majority of qualified and experienced plastic surgeons agree that it is ideal for women to wait until they are sure they are done having children before considering a breast augmentation. However, this is not always possible or practical. For instance, a woman may have every intention of not getting pregnant after her breast augmentation, but surprises can happen! A woman may also simply change her mind after several years of thinking she did not want to have another child. Another common scenario is seen in younger patients. A woman in her 20s, for example, might want to wait for 10 – 15 years before having children, but it is reasonable for her to want to enjoy an enhanced figure in the meantime. Regardless of your timeline for getting pregnant after a breast augmentation, Drs. Romanelli and Layliev are here to guide you through the process and help you make the safest and most appropriate decisions for your specific case.

If you are already unexpectedly pregnant after your breast augmentation, there is no need to worry! While it is not advised to get pregnant immediately after the procedure, there is no inherent risk or danger in doing so, either to the mother or the baby. If you have already had your breast implants placed and have decided you’d like to become pregnant, it is best to wait at least 6 –12 months before trying to give your body ample time to rest, recover, and heal from the surgery. Again, though, it is generally advised to delay a breast augmentation until after you are done with pregnancy whenever possible.

Will getting pregnant affect my breast implants? 

The effect of pregnancy and breastfeeding on the appearance of a woman’s breast implants can vary depending on a number of factors, including:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Skin elasticity
  • Weight gain during pregnancy
  • Size of implant
  • Type of implant
  • How long the implants have been in place
  • How long breastfeeding lasts

For many women, particularly those who are younger and do not gain much weight during pregnancy, the appearance of their implants may not change after giving birth. However, some women may notice significant changes in their implants after pregnancy, including sagging, droopiness, and loss of breast volume. There is no definite way of predicting how pregnancy will affect each woman’s breast implants. This is yet another reason most surgeons advocate deferring breast augmentation until after pregnancy.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation in Long Island, NY? 

In general, most women can be considered candidates for breast augmentation. Ideal candidates for the procedure are at a stable and healthy weight, are in relatively good health, do not smoke, and are not pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Breast augmentation patients should also be over the age of 18, and women who desire silicone gel implants need to be over the age of 22. 

The best way to find out if you are a good candidate for breast augmentation is to be evaluated by a highly experienced board-certified plastic surgeon. Call the convenient Huntington, NY office of Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery to schedule your consultation with Dr. James Romanelli or Dr. John Layliev today, and learn more about how a breast augmentation – before or after pregnancy – can help you feel like the woman you’ve always wanted to be!  

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