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I Want To Go From B to C Cup. How Many CCs Will I Need?

Breast augmentation surgery is a procedure that allows patients to resize their breasts to be fuller and more symmetrical. It offers women the opportunity to change the shape and size of their breasts with implants. At Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery in Huntington, NY, Dr. James Romanelli and Dr. John Layliev are highly-trained and board-certified in various forms of breast augmentation procedures. During a consultation, they can examine your current breast size and structure and offer suggestions on the right breast augmentation procedure for you, including the proper implant size for your body type.

Selecting your breast size in CCs

Breast implants are measured in cubic centimeters (ccs) and range from 80 – 800 ccs. However, it’s hard to tell how many ccs equal a full B or C cup. This is because implant sizing doesn’t work the same way that cup sizing does when you are looking for a bra. Due to the fact that implants themselves aren’t measured in cup sizes, it can be challenging to determine what will look good and feel best for your body.

Some factors to consider when choosing your potential breast implant size are:

  • Your body type: A 300 cc implant will look different on two different body frames. In order to achieve a full C cup, you may need a larger implant size if you are wider or have broad shoulders. However, if you have a small frame, you may need a smaller implant for the same cup size on another patient.

  • The shape, symmetry, and size of your breasts before your surgery: Your existing breasts will influence the end result. If your breasts are uneven or asymmetrical, we can use two different implant sizes to even your breasts out. This is a procedure you should trust only to an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon, such as the doctors at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery.

  • Your desired results: Look at breast augmentation before and after galleries on our website and choose images that closely resemble your body types. This helps us to get you as close as possible to your ideal implant size and overall aesthetic goal.

Breast implant dimensions

Breast implants are available in different shapes and sizes to accommodate different body types in Long Island, NY. Round implants are requested by many patients who have undergone breast augmentation by the plastic surgeons at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery. Three measurements are needed to understand the shape of a round implant:

  1. The diameter is the width of the implant. If you want a lot of upper breast fullness, you will want a tall implant. If you want a wider breast appearance, a very wide implant would work best.

  2. The profile measures the distance that the breast implant projects from the chest wall. Moderate-profile implants fit average size patients best. High profile implants are great for those with narrow breasts. Low-profile implants result in a wider and less-projecting set of breasts. This is great for women with wide breasts that want volume on the edges, which creates cleavage in the upper breast area.

  3. The volume is the amount of space that the implant will occupy and is measured in ccs.

Determining cup size with implants

Breast implant sizing is an art performed by board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. Romanelli and Dr. Layliev, at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery. They have to understand the aesthetic you’re looking for in order to help you to choose the proper ccs. Using cup size alone can lead to miscommunication and undesirable results for the patient. At your consultation, we can allow you to “try on” various shapes, sizes, and types of breast implants in your bra to get a sense of how each implant will look on your frame.

Schedule a consultation to discuss breast implant sizing

Choosing to have breast augmentation surgery is a big decision, and so is choosing your implant size. At Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, we have helped countless Long Island, NY area patients choose the appropriate implant size and shape that will work best for their body type. Ultimately, the breast implant size you choose is your own personal choice, and we will offer our professional opinion to help guide you. To schedule a consultation and learn more about breast augmentation with Dr. James Romanelli and Dr. John Layliev, call our Huntington, NY office today.

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