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I’m Young But Want Breast Augmentation. What Should I Think About?

Women have different reasons for why they want to consider breast augmentation. Some women are born with smaller breasts while some want to enhance the way their breasts look due to aesthetic changes with growing older. Lately, there has been a rise in numbers with younger women (ages 18-25) considering breast augmentation surgery. Getting breast implants is a big decision, at any age, but before younger adults consider this procedure there are some factors they should consider.

Making an informed decision about any cosmetic procedure is an important part of the process. The board-certified plastic surgeons at Romanelli Plastic Surgery have helped countless women in the Long Island area experience the breast transformation of implants. If you are a young adult and are considering breast augmentation, they want to provide some helpful information so you can be better informed.

Breast augmentation

Women wanting to make a change to the size and shape of their breasts can turn to breast augmentation for help. According to the American Association of Plastic Surgery, breast implants are the most popular cosmetic procedure done in the United States. The number is also on the rise with younger adults changing the appearance of their breasts with implants. Traditionally, breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure usually done a demographic of women over the age of 25, however more and more younger Long Island area women ages 18 to 25 are looking to aesthetically change their appearance. While the FDA approves silicone implants for patients 22 years or older and saline implants for patients 18 years or older, there are some life questions and other aspects younger patients should consider before undergoing this cosmetic procedure.

Implants do not last a lifetime

One of the main factors younger patients need to consider is that breast implants (saline or silicone) are not meant to last forever. Implants are a medical device that over time will wear down and need to be replaced in order to ensure they are maintained to avoid leakage or even a possible rupture. The typical lifespan of breast implants is 10-15 years even though there is no exact expiration date. It is rarely seen where patients get 20+ years out of their first set of implants. With breast implant expectancy, younger patients need be prepared that they will be having more than one set of implants in their lifetime.

Breasts change over time

Most women experience changes to their breasts during their lifetime. Fluctuating hormones, pregnancy, nursing, menopause, and aging are all common factors that cause a woman’s breasts to change. The natural process of aging, specifically, can cause the loss of volume and elasticity. This makes each year important for women with breast implants because as the skin becomes thinner with age or stretches with pregnancy, sagging can result. Women who have implants experience similar changes and are not excluded from the process of how a woman’s breasts change over time.

Lifestyle changes

Younger women throughout the Long Island area who may be considering breast implants need to remember that what they are doing now, may not be what they are doing later in life. Maybe you don’t run now but in 10 years you become an avid runner. Larger implants you got at a younger age may now impede on this new aspect of your life. You might decide to have children. While pregnancy and breastfeeding are still possible with breast implants, it is always recommended you forgo breast augmentation until you are done growing your family. Your skin and breasts will change with each pregnancy so there is no guarantee your breasts implants won’t be affected. Younger adults considering cosmetic changes need to look long-term at what they might be doing before making the decision to get implants at an earlier age.

Emotionally and physically mature

Choosing to permanently change an aspect about your body means being mentally and emotionally mature enough to make this decision. Choosing to get implants should be a well-informed, thought out decision done by patients with confidence. Even though the FDA approves women 18-22 years of age it should be decided on an individual basis. Younger patients also need to be physically ready or mature which means they are done developing. Every woman develops at her own pace both so help from a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon will aid in deciding if a younger patient is ready both physically and emotionally to have breast augmentation surgery.

With today’s technology, there is no time like the present to consider breast augmentation. With more younger patients considering breast implants, more plastic surgeons are making sure that they are physically and mentally ready to make this big decision to change an aspect of their body. Knowing all the facts and ensuring a younger person is ready for breast augmentation will only aid in younger patients being more confident they made the right decision in the years to come.

Consulting with the qualified plastic surgeons at Romanelli Plastic Surgery in Huntington, NY on Long Island is the first step to ensuring that younger adults considering breast augmentation are ready to make this decision and have all the facts. During the consultation, our doctors will listen and make sure an educated decision is being made about considering breast implants. Younger adults can benefit from the amazing results of breast augmentation surgery but making sure the timing is right will be the key factor. If you are a younger women considering breast augmentation then schedule or set up your consultation with one of our doctors at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery today.

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