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Perky Breasts...Can Breast Augmentation With Implants Get Me There?


Are you tired of seeing your breasts looking not as “perky” as they used to be? Do they appear lifeless or without any volume or shape? Have you considered breast implants? One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed yearly in the United States, women continuously turn to breast augmentation to feel more confident about their breasts again. The board-certified plastic surgeons and professionally trained staff at The Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery Center of Long Island, NY can provide amazing results with breast augmentation as well as provide other cosmetic solutions, if needed.

Breast augmentation may be the answer to get your breasts looking fuller, shapelier, and younger but there are some facts that you should know to make sure this treatment is right for you. Here are some guidelines to see if breast augmentation can make your breasts perky again.

Reasons why breast lose their perkiness…

Breasts essentially contain fatty tissue, which is what makes them appear full and gives them their size. In addition, underlying connective tissues such as ligaments is what helps give them height and keep their shape. Breasts do not contain muscle tissue, therefore no amount of exercising or weight training will enhance their shape or laxity once it is lost. It has been proven that the main contributors to why breasts lose volume and shape overtime is due to the natural process of aging, pregnancy, nursing, and fluctuations in weight. Volume can be corrected and enhanced with breast implants, and if the breasts have a healthy skin laxity, they can certainly look perky again. However, if the connective tissues and skin that provide the breasts the support they need to appear lifted end up changing, then sagging and a loss of elasticity can occur. Placing an implant inside a sagging breast will not help it look perky, it will only create additional sagging. This is not the end result that women want, therefore additional cosmetic solutions can be discussed.

Sagging breasts and is there help…

Breasts with “sag” tend to appear loose or droop, and in some instances the breasts can point downward. Since skin gets thinner and loses elasticity as we age it causes the breast to lose their shape. Also the factors of having children and going through changes in weight can also contribute to breasts looking “deflated”. Sagging breasts, also called ptosis, is especially seen in women with larger breasts as their breasts are heavier in weight so they are more affected by gravity. During your breast augmentation consultation with one of our plastic surgeons at the Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery Center, the degree of ptosis as well as other contributing factors will be examined. They will determine if only implants are needed or if a breast lift may be necessary to get the desired end result of perkier breasts.

If I have ptosis, can my breasts look youthful again?

It is likely breast augmentation will not be the only solution if you have moderate or severe ptosis or if your breasts sag to a certain degree. Essentially, placing an implant in a breast with severe sag or drooping will only make the breast sag further. In this case, women who want to achieve that perky look again may need to consider a breast lift prior to implants to get the results they want. With advancements in surgical techniques, breast lifts have become very common. A breast lift may be necessary to tighten underlying muscles and remove excess skin in order to create higher, firmer breasts before involving implants. This will leave Long Island area women with an overall outcome that will look healthy and more perky.

If I have limited ptosis or sag, will implants help?

The answer in most cases, is yes. During the initial consultation with one of our plastic surgeons it will be determined if the breasts have enough healthy skin tone and laxity to successfully look perky again with implants alone. This can still be achieved if limited breast ptosis is present. If that is the case, breast implants or augmentation can improve the shape and size without the need for a breast lift. Women in the Long Island area can turn to the solution of breast augmentation to have perkier breasts again and get beautiful results. Breasts that have a small amount of ptosis will look more natural and pleasing if a moderate sized implant is chosen. Sizing can be discussed at the consultation so that the right implant is chosen to attain a youthful look.

Will saline or silicone be the best choice?

If it is determined that your breasts are in good condition from a laxity standpoint, then whether you choose to have silicone or saline is a personal choice. There are benefits to both types of implants. Today’s breast implants are engineered to be more natural-looking and beautiful regardless of which one you choose. Both types come in different shapes, sizes, and textures to provide many options. Both silicone or saline can enhance your curves and make your breasts perky and full. The best option for you can be determined with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery during your consultation appointment.

Breasts implants can help you get perky breasts again. Some patients may be able to have breast augmentation only or some patients may need to consider a breast lift prior to implants in order to achieve the results they want. Either way, the end goal is to give patients fuller, beautiful breasts again so they can feel better about what they see in the mirror. So where do you begin? Contact one of our professionally trained staff at the Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery Center in Huntington, NY (Long Island area) to schedule your breast augmentation consultation today.

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