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What Are The Most Common Reasons for Breast Reduction?

For women with large breasts, a breast reduction can be a life-changing event. It can alleviate painful discomfort or difficulty with exercising while relieving women from years of struggling with irritated skin and deep grooves associated with weighted down bra straps. Along with physical ailments, patients can also suffer from emotional stress when dealing with breasts of significant size. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. James N. Romanelli and Dr. John Layliev of Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery are two leading experts with breast reduction procedures in the Long Island, NY area. They have helped countless women achieve a more active lifestyle and rebuild their self-confidence by reducing their breast size. Read on to learn more about why women today are electing to have a breast reduction and how the experts at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery can help.

What is breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction, also known as reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure to remove excess glandular tissue, breast fat, and skin to give women a breast size more proportionate to their body. It can also relieve patients from years of social discomfort and physical pain associated with excessively large breasts (macromastia). In addition to physical ailments and emotional stress due to large breasts, women can also find it challenging to exercise or perform normal day-to-day activities. Although most breast reductions are commonly performed to address medical issues, some women have no physical ailments associated with macromastia. They simply have cosmetic concerns about their breast size and want to go smaller for aesthetic reasons.

Reasons for breast reduction surgery

Long Island, NY women choosing to undergo breast reduction surgery may cite medical or cosmetic concerns in relation to their natural breasts, and, in some cases, even both. They can include wardrobe issues, social stigmas, or being physically uncomfortable. There is no time like the present for women to resolve these issues and improve their quality of life by considering a reduction mammaplasty. Other reasons why women consider this procedure are:

Dermatological issues

Women with dense, heavy breasts often battle with rashes, itchiness, and other skin conditions under their breasts, and around the skin near the bra straps. Large breasts can also naturally stretch the breast tissue to an unhealthy limit, which can cause stretch marks and poor skin laxity. A breast reduction procedure can help eliminate these dermatological issues and create a better skin tone.

Lifestyle restrictions

Many women with large breasts are restricted in which workouts or activities they can comfortably participate in. In some cases, women have to wear two sports bras to have the right support when exercising. This can be an extremely frustrating factor, which can lead to inactivity and weight gain. A reduction gives women smaller breasts, allowing them the opportunity to live an overall healthier lifestyle, be more fit, and experience new workout programs.

Breast reduction for health reasons

One of the main reasons why most women consider breast reduction surgery is due to constant neck, back, or shoulder pain. The pain can be debilitating to the point of affecting a patient's posture and even causing numbness. Also, the weight of large breasts on the chest area can even cause shortness of breath. Many patients report spending countless hours at night, tossing and turning in an attempt to find a comfortable sleeping position. Sleepless nights can eventually lead to other medical problems or emotional stress. Following a breast reduction, most women report sleeping better, experiencing minimal, if any, pain, and overall physically feeling better with smaller breasts.

Regain self-confidence

Women who have suffered from unwanted attention or the social stigma of overly large breasts can consider a breast reduction to reclaim their self-confidence. A patient's psychological and emotional well-being is usually significantly improved with this cosmetic procedure. It can even help with frustrating shopping or wardrobe issues. Women with large breasts can find it hard to find clothing that fits properly. After a breast reduction, women can encounter less of these social and emotional issues and feel more confident about their body image.

Insurance coverage

Most elective surgeries are not covered by health insurance. However, a breast reduction may be considered a medical condition versus solely for cosmetic purposes. Depending on a patient's healthcare provider, some insurance companies may pay for a portion or all of the surgical costs. It is a case by case basis, and the helpful staff at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery are well-versed at helping Long Island, NY patients with navigating insurance coverage for their breast reduction surgery.

What are my next steps?

If you have dense, large breasts that get in the way of your everyday life, a breast reduction may be the answer for you. Women can live a more fulfilled and active lifestyle with smaller breasts while eliminating health concerns and painful discomfort. If you are interested in learning more about breast reduction surgery, board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. James N. Romanelli and Dr. John Layliev of Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery can help. Call our Huntington, NY office today to schedule your appointment. Our surgeons are happy to meet with you in person or for an online consultation.

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