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What Happens During Breast Reduction Surgery?

If you feel like your large breasts are weighing you down, it may be time to consider a breast reduction. This procedure doesn’t just provide cosmetic benefits, but may provide medical benefits as well. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. James Romanelli and Dr. John Layliev at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery in Huntington, NY are experts in breast reduction surgery and take pride in improving a patient's quality of life and self-confidence.

The decision to undergo breast reduction surgery is easy for many Long Island-area women. Painful neck aches, deep grooves in the shoulders from bra straps, and chafed skin from heavy breasts are all overwhelming reasons to fix the problem. Also known as reduction mammoplasty, more than 40,000 women in the U.S. choose to have breast reduction surgery each year. If you are tired of dealing with heavy breasts, read below as the board-certified plastic surgeons at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery in the Long Island, NY area explain what you can expect from this procedure.

What happens during breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is a surgical procedure where excess breast fat, tissue, and skin are removed to reduce the size of the breasts. There are multiple ways to remove the excess tissue, and the result is smaller breasts that are more proportionate to the body.

Step 1

A breast reduction is performed as an outpatient procedure in our Huntington, NY surgical center, which is fully accredited by the AAAASF. You will be under general anesthesia, and the surgery takes anywhere from 2 – 5 hours.

Step 2

Your plastic surgeon will then move forward with removing the excess breast tissue with liposuction, delicately removing fat until the appropriate reduction has been achieved. Next, a breast lift and skin tightening technique usually follow.

Step 3

Wise Pattern Reduction

A Wise Pattern Reduction requires an incision made similar to the shape of an anchor. It begins with an incision made around the nipple, down the middle of the breast, and across each side. This is one of the oldest types of breast reduction techniques and provides excellent results.

Vertical Pattern Reduction

A vertical pattern reduction involves an incision made around the nipple and down the middle of the breast, where the excess tissue is then removed. The scar is similar to the shape of a lollipop. This procedure works well on women that have a small to moderate amount of excess breast tissue. Many patients prefer this technique as it does not require a horizontal scar under the breast, unlike the Wise Pattern technique.

Step 4

Breast reshaping

Following the incisions, excess tissue (skin and fat) will be surgically removed, and then the remaining breast tissue is reshaped. The nipple and areola, which in most cases remained connected, are then repositioned to a natural and more youthful height.

Step 5

Incisions are closed

Following the removal of the excess tissue and breast reshaping, the remaining skin is tightened, and the incisions are closes. Deep within the breast tissue, sutures are layered to help the breasts keep their shape and close the skin.

Step 6


Long Island, NY women tend to feel immediate relief they feel following a breast reduction surgery. The chronic back and neck pain begins to subside because the extra weight from the breast tissue is no longer present. Most stitches that are used during a breast reduction surgery dissolve on their own, but the ones that remain will need to be removed within 7 to 10 days following the surgery. During recovery, your breasts may appear to sit in a higher position. This is completely normal, and they will return to normal positioning over the next few weeks. A surgical bra may be required to support the breasts while they heal. Most patients can return to exercise in about six weeks after surgery.

Does insurance cover breast reduction?

Insurance may cover part or all of your breast reduction surgery. Dr. Romanelli or Dr. Layliev will determine if there is a medical need for the reduction or if it's being performed for aesthetic purposes. You will also need to communicate with your health insurance company to understand the process of submitting a claim for coverage. Many companies have additional criteria that must be met, and approval processes can be lengthy. Most cosmetics surgeries are not covered by health insurance. However, breast reduction surgery is one of the few treatments that can be considered for coverage.

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The first step in understanding this cosmetic surgery is to contact our Long Island-area plastic office and set up a consultation. Dr. James Romanelli or Dr. John Layliev will meet with you and conduct a physical examination to determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. Breast reduction surgery can change your entire outlook and get rid of painful physical symptoms. Contact Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery in Huntington, NY today to get started.

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