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Breast Revision | Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery

Video Transcript

Breast surgery revision is a procedure done to correct breast deformity that may arise from a previous breast augmentation, from a previous breast lift or reduction, or from a breast reconstruction. Besides the size of the breast, the actual shape, contour and symmetry of the breast can also be improved. Significant breast asymmetry can be a result of a hardened implant that has moved relatively in a different position that the other breast, bottoming out of an implant or and implant that has moved too close to the midline or an implant that has moved too laterally. 

My approach to choosing a size of an implant for a patient is a very bio-dimensional one, and based on the actual dimensions of the breast and the chest. During a procedure, once the implant pocket is opened up, I make critical decisions of whether the implant pocket should be changed, whether it should be above the muscle, below the muscle or that fat grafting should be involved in order to expand the pocket around the implants and also various ways of tightening the pocket.

After breast revision surgery, results are generally effective immediately, and women feel confident and satisfied, and feel that their breasts are much more symmetric and fit their body appropriately.