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Video Transcript

There are three different aspects to breast enhancement surgery. The first is size or volume. So, for a woman who is looking to be larger, we will use a breast implant of one sort or another. The second factor is symmetry. A good percentage of women have some asymmetry. One breast is a little bit larger than the other. We may use a different size implant on one breast than the other, or we may remove a little bit of tissue from the larger breast and then match the implants left and right. The third aspect of breast enhancement is that some women will benefit by a breast lift. A breast lift may be done internally without any additional external scars. It may be done with a little incision above the areola or around the areola, or it may be lollipop shaped.

Each of these aspects, size, symmetry, and the possible need for a lift are evaluated at a consultation. The vast majority of my patients for breast augmentation come based on the referral from another friend or sometimes several friends who have already had breast augmentation with me.

My advice to anyone looking to choose a surgeon for breast augmentation is to try to get a personal reference, but also, very importantly, look for before and after photographs on the doctor's website. Look for board certification. Those are important factors. And finally, you need to be able to relate to and connect with your surgeon. That's important.