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Welcome to Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery

Video Transcript

Dr. Romanelli:
Hi, I'm Dr. Jim Romanelli. I started my practice in Huntington in 1990 and I now have two associates who work with me at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery. I'm a board-certified plastic surgeon, specializing in cosmetic as well as reconstructive plastic surgery.

The great thing about Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery is that I've been able to assemble a team of professionals, including physicians, nurse practitioners, physicians' assistants, and wonderful, supportive administrative staff.

Dr. Layliev:
Our practice is unique in that we specialize in the full spectrum of aesthetic surgery and we tailor our plan to the unique goals of each individual.

Dr. Pincus:
I'm confident that Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery has the best physicians and we provide the best patient care. We have the latest and greatest in plastic surgery technology. And our patients have wonderful results.

Patients can expect to receive state of the art care. We have a full staff that encompasses all aspects of surgical procedures, from the moment they walk in, to the second they leave after the operation has been performed. They will be cared for and looked after 100%, and know that they will be given the best surgical skill and best quality patient care.

Dr. Romanelli:
The care that we provide for our patients, at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, is a combination of caring and skills. Professionally, we're committed to producing the best results we can for our patients. Whether that involves surgical procedures or non-surgical matters. But most importantly is how we pay attention to our patients. Answer their questions. Identify and meet their needs. Our goal is to provide a journey that each patient will remember and that will produce the light in the results.