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Video Transcript

What patients love about breast reductions is the relief from discomfort ... shoulder pain, back pain, neck pain. It's a huge confidence builder for people. Breast reductions are done for patients of many different ages. The postoperative recovery from a breast reduction involves some soreness for the first few days and a little bit for a few weeks. Most people are able to be back driving in just a few days, and, typically, at one week after a breast reduction an individual's ready to go back to work or school. 

Recovery from breast reduction does involve some discomfort. Typically, for the first day or two, a patient may have a prescription pain medication, but after a couple of days we can usually have the patient use just Tylenol or an Advil-type compound. Bruising after breast reduction is something that we sometimes see. Maybe one out of every four or five patients will have a significant amount of bruising but that bruising is typically gone in two to three weeks. 

Results after a breast reduction will be seen immediately. Not the final results. The final results will take probably three or four months before everything is completely settled and all the swelling is down ... but from the moment that a woman takes off her bra, two days after surgery in order to shower, she will see a dramatic change and she'll have a very good idea of the size of her breasts after a reduction.