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Meet Dr. James Romanelli | Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery

Video Transcript

Hi I'm Dr. Jim Romanelli. I started my practice in Huntington in 1990 and I now have two associates to work with me at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery. I'm a board certified plastic surgeon, specializing in cosmetic as well as reconstructive plastic surgery. Professionally, following my medical school, I trained and completed a five year residency in general surgery. After that I attended Baylor College of Medicine's Plastic Surgery program in Houston, Texas. It is renowned. We had there some of the founders of the aesthetics society which is the premier cosmetic surgery of society within plastic surgery. That's how I really got to a level of proficiency and understanding of plastic surgery that I'm delighted to be able to share with my patients.

The most rewarding thing about being a plastic surgeon is to be invited into my patients lives and to help them achieve goals. The goals may relate to cosmetic enhancement, the goals may relate to overcoming an appearance that they're not satisfied with. To be invited into my patients lives in such a personal way about such personal matters is an honor and a privilege. For the patients that we care for here, I'd like them to feel that they have the best information possible about what their options are and that we at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery have given them the results that they're looking for. I want them to feel delighted. I want them to feel more comfortable. So many patients have said, "You've changed my life." Frankly it's humbling. It's a great honor. It's a privilege.