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Can Breast Implants Look Natural?

Thanks to society’s ever-growing pressure to achieve physical perfection, along with the increasing accessibility of cosmetic surgery, more and more men and women across America are going under the knife each year. Fortunately, the sweeping advances in medicine and technology over the last several decades have made plastic surgery safer than ever, and the physical and emotional benefits that can be obtained through the various procedures are staggering. 

Without a doubt, breast augmentation is one of the most sought-after procedures by women across the country and continues to grow in popularity year after year. Whether a mother is hoping to restore her breast volume that was lost due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, or a woman with naturally small breasts simply desires a more feminine figure, breast augmentation can be a fabulous option. However, many women, understandably, want to preserve a more natural appearance and worry that breast implants may look or feel too artificial. The caring board-certified plastic surgeons at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, Drs. James N. Romanelli and John Layliev, fully understand this concern and are proud to help Long Island, NY women enhance their bodies and feel more confident through breast augmentation with the most natural-appearing outcomes possible. 

What are the different breast implant options? 

Once you have made the decision to undergo breast augmentation for the purpose of increasing your breast volume and enhancing the overall shape and contour of your breasts, you will need to select an implant. During your initial consultation and preoperative appointments, the knowledgeable team at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery will discuss all of your options with you at length and determine the type, size, and style of implant that best fits your needs. However, it is important to have a basic understanding of the available options ahead of time. The two most commonly used breast implant types are saline and silicone gel, each of which has a specific set of characteristics and advantages, including:

  • Saline implants: Saline implants are often considered the “original” breast implant, having been around for many years, and they are still used today. Saline breast implants are filled with a fluid saline solution that can be safely absorbed by the body should a rupture occur. However, this would result in an immediate asymmetry between the breasts and very quickly prompt the need for implant replacement surgery. This can be problematic for obvious reasons and can be particularly concerning for patients who travel often and/or women who model or otherwise rely on their appearance to make a living. 

One important advantage of saline implants is that, unlike silicone gel implants, saline implants are approved for use in women under the age of 22. This makes saline implants a viable option for younger patients seeking breast augmentation.

  • Silicone gel implants: Silicone gel implants are filled with a more solid-like gel substance that does not leak or flow in the event of a rupture. In fact, it can be difficult to tell whether or not a silicone implant has ruptured without the use of imaging studies, such as an MRI. While this obviates the need for an immediate replacement, a ruptured silicone implant will still need to be replaced at some point.  

Silicone implants can be particularly beneficial for thinner patients and women who have little native breast tissue. This is because silicone gel implants are less prone to rippling than saline implants. If a woman with a low amount of body fat and/or breast tissue gets saline implants, she is more likely to see the ripples because she does not have much fat and tissue to conceal them. 

Do saline or silicone implants look more natural?

For patients in the Long Island, NY area who are concerned about maintaining a more natural look, silicone gel implants may be a fitting option. Many patients and surgeons agree that silicone gel implants look and feel much more like a natural breast than saline implants. At your initial consultation with Dr. Romanelli or Dr. Layliev, you will be able to see, touch, and feel a variety of different implants to help you better determine which option you prefer. 

Is there a natural alternative to breast implants? 

With many patients now looking for more natural alternatives to synthetic substances, the talented and innovative team at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery is proud to offer fat transfer to the breast as another option for breast augmentation. Fat transfer to the breast, also known as fat grafting, is an exciting procedure that uses a patient’s native fat to increase the volume of the breasts. During the procedure, the surgeon harvests fat from a predetermined area, usually the abdomen, hips, or thighs, via liposuction. The fat is then separated and purified using a centrifuge, and the surgeon injects the fat into the breast. The result is incredibly natural-looking and feeling newly augmented breasts! 

While fat grafting is a fantastic option for breast augmentation without the need for artificial implants, there are limitations on the amount of fat that can be safely and effectively harvested and transferred. Patients looking to increase the size of their breasts more dramatically may be better suited to a traditional breast augmentation with saline or silicone gel breast implants.

Ultimately, the decision to undergo breast augmentation is a deeply personal one that a woman should feel comfortable and confident about. The best way to determine if the procedure is right for you, how it can benefit you, and what method may be most appropriate for your needs and goals is to be evaluated by an experienced and talented plastic surgeon. Call the convenient Huntington, NY office of Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery today to schedule your consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. James N. Romanelli or Dr. John Layliev, and find out how breast augmentation can help you look – and feel – like the woman you were meant to be! 

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