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Can Breast Reduction Surgery Remove Stretch Marks?

For some patients, their large breasts affect their daily life and cause them pain and discomfort. At Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, we often recommend breast reduction surgery to these Long Island, NY area patients. Our board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. James Romanelli and Dr. John Layliev, offer a consultation where they can evaluate if a patient is a good candidate for a breast reduction. At this visit, we can explain the entire surgery process and answer all of your questions, including how to get rid of stretch marks on the breast.

Who is the best candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Having breasts that are too large for your body causes pain and discomfort, no matter how old you are. During a consultation, our plastic surgeons can learn about your experience and determine if breast reduction will help. A breast reduction can resolve:

  • Chronic neck, shoulder, or back pain

  • Chronic rash or skin irritations, underneath the breasts

  • Nerve pain and numbness or tingling in the hands/fingers

  • Poor self-image

  • Difficulty fitting into clothing, including bras

  • Trouble exercising

Breast reduction surgery allows you to attain the body you have always wanted while improving your quality of life in Long Island, NY. It is great for anyone who feels their breasts limit how they live life and feel every day. If you are at a healthy weight, Dr. Romanelli or Dr. Layliev can perform breast reduction surgery for you at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery. Patients who smoke, are very obese, or have diabetes or heart problems are not ideal candidates for this surgery. Also, anyone who hasn’t started a family and plans to get pregnant in the future may want to postpone their surgery until after pregnancy.

Causes of stretch marks on the breasts

There are a number of things that can cause or increase your chance of developing and having stretch marks on your breasts, including:

  1. Puberty: Hormonal changes cause rapid growth of breast tissue, which leads to the skin stretching.

  2. Pregnancy: During pregnancy, the breasts start to grow as estrogen levels increase, which promotes breast growth and milk duct growth. This rapid growth leads to stretch marks.

  3. Weight gain or loss: When you gain weight, fat tissue in the breasts increases. When you lose weight, while fat tissue decreases, there is collagen loss that results in the loss of skin elasticity.

  4. Genetics: The ELM gene, which determines elastin in the skin, can determine if you’re more prone to stretch marks.

How to get rid of stretch marks on breasts

There will be scars from your breast reduction surgery; however, they will fade over time. As far as removing stretch marks, this will depend on where they are located since stretch marks on the underside of the breast can be removed during a breast reduction at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery. For stretch marks on the upper part of your breasts, a breast revision surgery can tighten the skin to make stretch marks less noticeable. However, breast reduction surgery alone cannot remove these types of stretch marks.

Learn more about the benefits of breast reduction surgery in Huntington, NY

At Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, we work hard to get breast reduction surgery covered by our patients’ insurance. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. James Romanelli and Dr. John Layliev are committed to ensuring that all of their patients throughout the Long Island, NY area are satisfied with their breast reduction surgery results. To schedule a consultation to learn more about breast reduction surgery and if you’re a candidate, call our Huntington, NY office today.

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