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How Does Breast Reconstruction After Breast Cancer Work?

Being treated for breast cancer is a serious and life-changing event. When women with breast cancer undergo a lumpectomy or mastectomy, they may experience a loss of self-confidence or feelings of femininity. Breast reconstruction allows patients to restore the tissue of one or both of their breasts. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. James Romanelli and Dr. John Layliev are here to support your well-being and help you meet your aesthetic goals in Long Island, NY.

So what is breast reconstruction surgery, and how long does it take to recover from breast reconstruction? When you visit Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery in Huntington, NY, we can guide you through the process and let you know what to expect during surgery. Since breast reconstruction is a very individualized procedure, we can create a custom plan for you. Reach out today to schedule your consultation and learn more.

Your breast reconstruction surgery consultation

Breast cancer reconstruction usually occurs after a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes, it involves several procedures performed over an extended amount of time. While some women choose surgery at the beginning of their cancer treatment, others decide to wait until it is completed. No matter your needs and concerns, an in-depth consultation can prepare you for what to expect. Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery will offer as much information as possible and help you set realistic expectations about the results.

Some patients in Long Island, NY are concerned that reconstructed breasts may not have the same look or feel as the original tissue. During your appointment, we can address some of the most common concerns we receive from breast cancer patients, including:

  • Am I a candidate for breast reconstruction?

  • Will the reconstruction interfere with my breast cancer treatment?

  • What are the pros and cons of immediate versus delayed reconstruction?

  • Could I have my nipples reconstructed?

  • What risks or possible complications should I know about?

  • How long does it take to recover from breast reconstruction?

What is breast reconstruction surgery?

Dr. Romanelli and Dr. Layliev have extensive experience working with breast cancer survivors to provide pleasing outcomes. As such, we work closely with each patient and their current team of health care providers to create a surgical plan that meets their needs and expectations. While there are many techniques available to reconstruct the breast, our staff usually recommends flap surgery or breast implants.

Flap surgery is a technique that uses the natural tissue taken from your own body. To recreate the breast, patients should have enough tissue to cover the breast mound. However, our facility will make suggestions based on your personal health, cancer diagnosis, and when the lumpectomy or mastectomy was originally performed. There are many factors to look at when deciding on the reconstruction technique that will give you the best results.

Additional considerations for breast reconstruction

Although flap procedures are a highly successful method for breast cancer reconstruction, Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery also offers the tissue expansion method. With this technique, Dr. Romanelli or Dr. Layliev place a tissue expander below the breast wall. We then gradually fill the area with a sterile saline solution over the next 3 – 4 months. This will stretch out the skin and allow us to achieve the fullness you want. Patients can then improve their appearance by reconstructing the nipple and areola. Our plastic surgery facility offers several options for restoring the nipple and areola so they appear completely natural.

How long does it take to recover from breast reconstruction?

Because surgical breast reconstruction is completed in several steps, recovery looks different for everyone. The caring staff at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery can give you specific information based on your unique treatment. Patients are given a medical compression bra to support the new tissue and control side effects, such as inflammation and swelling. Our office can prescribe medications that help with discomfort. Over the following weeks and months, the reconstructed breasts should appear more natural. Regular breast examinations and mammograms are highly recommended for your ongoing health.

Breast cancer reconstruction in Huntington, NY

At Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, we understand that breast cancer treatment represents a loss both physically and emotionally. This can be a difficult time for many patients. Board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. James Romanelli and Dr. John Layliev offer treatments that are designed to restore the tissue and help patients regain a sense of confidence. We are proud to reshape and rebuild your breasts with compassion and expert skills. Although the process does take time, this is one of the top surgeries we provide at our clinic in Huntington, NY. We encourage you to contact our facility and schedule an appointment to learn more.

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