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Is Breast Augmentation A Common Procedure In Mommy Makeover?

If you’ve started to do some research about a mommy makeover, you’ve likely found out that it is an exciting procedure that allows the patient to choose a combination of surgeries to treat her specific areas of concern. In fact, some mommy makeovers even utilize nonsurgical treatments – like injectable dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers – to further enhance the woman’s transformation! With the majority of mommy makeover patients looking to restore their pre-baby bodies and reverse the effects of childbirth and breastfeeding, certain procedures – like breast augmentation – are often included in the surgery.

Skilled board-certified plastic surgeons Dr. James Romanelli and Dr. John Layliev, along with the expert team at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery, have a wealth of experience in helping Long Island, NY mommy makeover patients finally achieve the body they’ve always wanted – or once had – through the most innovative and effective treatments and techniques, including breast augmentation. To learn more about the compelling benefits of mommy makeover plastic surgery, including how adding breast augmentation to your procedure can further enhance your results, review this helpful information.

What does mommy makeover include?

For anyone who is considering a mommy makeover, the ability to choose the specific details of your surgery is one of the most exciting and attractive aspects of the procedure. Women who are concerned about stubborn fat and an abdominal pouch or pooch after pregnancy may benefit from adding a tummy tuck or liposuction to their mommy makeover, while patients whose primary complaints are related to the breasts often choose to include a cosmetic breast surgery to their procedure. During your consultation with Dr. Romanelli or Dr. Layliev, your surgeon will thoroughly evaluate and discuss your “problem areas” to help you determine which surgeries may be useful in achieving a stunning and dramatic transformation in your particular case.

Common procedures that are often performed as part of mommy makeover surgery include:

Can a mommy makeover fix my breasts after breastfeeding?

Absolutely! Drs. Romanelli and Layliev often utilize various cosmetic breast surgeries during mommy makeover to sculpt, reshape, resize, and otherwise restore more youthful and appealing breasts. The breasts are actually one of the areas of the body most profoundly impacted by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, making breast augmentation among the most commonly included procedures in mommy makeover surgery. In addition to simply increasing the size of your breasts, mommy makeover breast surgery can also address and correct the following concerns:

  • Loss of breast volume
  • Deflated breast appearance
  • Sagging breasts
  • Drooping breasts
  • Nipples pointing downward
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Nipple/areola concerns
  • Overly large or heavy breasts

Is there a natural alternative to breast implants?

While synthetic saline or silicone gel breast implants are typically capable of producing the most dramatic and long-lasting results, Drs. Romanelli and Layliev fully understand some patients’ desire for a more natural alternative to breast augmentation and are proud to offer autologous fat grafting. During this innovative and effective procedure, fat is harvested from another area of the patient’s body and transferred to the breast for a fuller, more attractive shape and size. Since fat transfer to the breast allows the surgeon to precisely sculpt and alter the breast, this technique is often used in combination with breast implants to achieve an even more gorgeous result!

When should I get a mommy makeover in Long Island, NY?

Patients considering mommy makeover surgery should be at or near a healthy, stable weight, be in good health overall, and be nonsmokers. While Drs. Romanelli and Layliev certainly understand a woman’s anticipation to restore her pre-pregnancy body as soon as possible, it is crucial that mommy makeover patients give themselves plenty of time to heal and recover from childbirth and breastfeeding before undergoing surgery. Furthermore, patients should defer their surgery until they are certain they are done having children, as future pregnancies or weight fluctuations can significantly compromise the results of a mommy makeover.

If you are ready to learn more about a mommy makeover, including how it can enhance your breasts and improve your physique overall, we invite you to call our friendly team at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery in Huntington, NY to schedule your private consultation with one of our renowned board-certified plastic surgeons, Dr. James Romanelli or Dr. John Layliev. Let us help you feel more like yourself again – or even better than before – with mommy makeover surgery!

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