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Upper Blepharoplasty-How an Eyelid Lift Can Rejuvenate Your Facial Appearance

Eyelid Lift

Eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is on the rise in popularity these days. With more and more women and men considering aesthetic plastic surgery, eyelid lifts are definitely ranking high on the list. In 2016, it was the 4th most popular cosmetic surgery performed in the United States right behind breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. This fairly simple cosmetic procedure can have a dramatic effect on making women and men look younger.

Located in Huntington, NY, the board-certified plastic surgeons at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery are leading experts on plastic surgery in the Long Island area. Their main goal is to help patients get beautiful, natural-looking results in order to feel better about how they look. An eyelid lift can rejuvenate a person’s appearance and even help some patients see better. Here is some helpful information on what an eyelid lift can do and how it can help.

The rise in popularity

In the last decade, eyelid lifts or blepharoplasty surgeries have been growing in popularity. This type of surgery can have a dramatic effect on a person’s appearance and even their self-confidence. A common procedure, especially with older patients, eyelid lifts are performed on patients who are experiencing “droopy” eyelids due to the natural process of aging. This procedure has also become popular with other cultures, like Asian women, who are changing the aesthetic appearance of their eyes.

A cosmetic need

There are two different reasons why individuals in the Long Island area consider an eyelid lift. For some men and women it is a cosmetic reason while for others it may be a medical need. Cosmetic eyelid surgery strictly done for aesthetic reasons is solely performed to improve a person’s appearance. As we get older, the eyelids (upper and lower) can become saggy or “bags” can form underneath as part of the aging process. Eyelid skin is already thin and delicate, so when collagen production decreases with age, the eyelid area loses elasticity causing individuals to look older or more tired. An eyelid lift can have a dramatic effect by tightening up the skin around the eyes, removing wrinkles or puffiness and overall making a person look younger.

A medical need

Another reason an individual may need an eyelid lift or blepharoplasty is for a medical reason. In most instances, a medical need for an eyelid lift is due to excess skin on the upper eyelid that sags low enough it impedes a person’s vision. Even under the eyes, if medical devices like glasses are impeded by extreme lower eyelid puffiness or “bags”, then a patient can have a medical need for eyelift surgery. In general, the cosmetic need for an eyelid lift is the most popular but in some cases a person may need a functional blepharoplasty in order to have a better quality of life.

3 different eyelid options

As with all cosmetic procedures or surgeries, consulting with a qualified plastic surgeon like the ones at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery is imperative to get the best results. With different types of eyelid surgery available, they can determine which one would be the right solution for you. Everyone has different shapes to their eyes and different concerns on what they need for their eyelid procedure so consulting a board-certified plastic surgeon is key. Here are the 3 main types of eyelid surgery:

  • Lower eyelid surgery. Main focus is to remove wrinkles, puffiness under the eyes, and improve the patient’s appearance.

  • Upper eyelid surgery. Main focus is to improve the patient’s appearance and leave a more open, rounded look to the eye. It can also restore the medical function of the eye by removing excess skin that is impeding a patient’s vision.

  • Double eyelid surgery. This is most popular among Asian patients where an incision is made in the upper eyelid skin in order to create a natural eyelid fold. This creates a wider, more larger opening to the eye.

Straightforward procedure with big results

An eyelid lift can have a dramatic effect on a person’s appearance. Even though it may be needed for a medical reason, in most cases both men and women consider an eyelid lift for cosmetic purposes. As we age, our skin loses elasticity and since eyelids are predisposed to “thin skin” they are typically the first area to show signs of aging. Tightening skin or removing wrinkles around the eye area can take years off a patient’s appearance making women and men look younger and more “awake”. It is the one cosmetic procedure that many patients often say they should have done it sooner in order to look and feel younger.


Most patients who undergo eyelid surgery of any type report immediate satisfaction -- especially those whose vision was impeded by excess skin. During recovery, a patient’s eyes will be swollen, red, and some bruising will occur since the eyelid skin is so delicate. It will take a few weeks for everything to heal. During that time women should not wear makeup and contact lenses are generally not worn. As patients heal and the swelling subsides, contact lenses can be worn if a patient feels comfortable. As with any cosmetic surgery, being patient and following your plastic surgeon’s post-op instructions is key to getting the best results.

An eyelid lift or blepharoplasty may just be the solution you were looking for to have a big impact on your overall appearance. It is a popular cosmetic procedure for a reason. Both women and men love how they look and feel younger instantly! Your eyes play a major role in your overall facial appearance so rejuvenating them with an eyelid lift can greatly improve how you look and feel. If you are interested in an eyelid lift then call or schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified plastic surgeons at Romanelli Cosmetic Surgery in Huntington, NY. We look forward to hearing from you!

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