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Video Transcript

So a facelift is done to rejuvenate the facial contour, the facial skin and that allows the deep wrinkles to be tightened and also resolution of jowls and sagging of the lower face. My approach to a facelift, one of the most important things I ask the patient to do is to bring a picture of themselves in their 20s, their 30s and their 40s. That allows me to see their angles of descent of their skin as well as the extent to their facial fat atrophy, what happens with age is a lot of the fat in their face which allows for a youthful, rejuvenated face dissolves with age and part of the goal is to restore that contour. Depending on the symmetry or assymetry of both sides of the face, different techniques can be used.

On the inside connective tissue layer of the skin which would allow for a more natural appearance for a facelift, that ca mean removing a portion of that connective tissue which we call the somas, or tightening it in different vectors. Post operatively after a facelift there is bruising and there is swelling, that gradually resolves. At a week there's a dramatic resolution of that and results are effective immediately.