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Video Transcript

Rhinoplasties and nose reshaping procedure that aims to reshape the structure and the shape of a nose, and to achieve a more proportionate facial harmony and symmetry. I perform rhinoplasties to straighten a nasal hump, to narrow the shape of a boxy or bulbus tip, to shorten the nose, or to the lengthen the nose, or to raise the tip of a nose. Rhinoplasty can take between one and three hours. Revision rhinoplasties can take even longer. 

The recovery process for rhinoplasty requires wearing a splint for a week, facial swelling and bruising typically resolves at 10-14 days. The majority of nasal swelling resolves after a few months. 

Benefits in rhinoplasty are drastic. Patients feel like their facial harmony and symmetry are achieved, and that the best of their facial features really come out.